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About Us

Our History

Fanxstar Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 2016 as a China National High-Tech enterprise, specializing in LED lighting products. Our headquarters are situated in Shenzhen, with manufacturing facilities in Dongguan and Huizhou, China.

We proudly operate warehouses and customer service offices in Spain and the Netherlands to efficiently serve our customers.

Our Brands:

FANXSTAR: Specializes in waterproof lighting products, product range:
Weather proof LED Tri-proof Light LED Batten luminaires
LED Down light Smart LED Tri proof Luminaire
Bespoke LED Batten Linear LED Fixture Batten
Sensor LED Down Light Explosion-proof LED Light
LED Farming Light LED Growth Light
KINOMO: Focuses on emergency lighting products and accessories for the lighting industry supply chain, such as :
High Performance LED Emergency Luminaire Linkable Classic LED Batten Fixture Emergency
Emergency LED Bulkhead DALI-2 Emergency LED Highbay
Emergency LED Track Light Emergency LED Light
Emergency Converter Pack
Litofis: Specializes in office lighting products, such as :
Linear LED Fixture Batten LED Linear Light

Fanxtar serves as the primary manufacturer of waterproof LED luminaires and emergency lights, offering remarkable cost-effectiveness. It stands as an independent company focused on weatherproof LED lighting solutions, established by a group of passionate enthusiasts in the fields of electronics and lighting. FANXSTAR excels in unique electronics design and intelligent emergency lighting fixtures. Furthermore, the central tenet of our product design is to simplify installation and significantly reduce installation costs for our customers.

Our Factory

Fanxstar's factory located in Dongguan , Guangdong , adheres to the independent R&D and intellectual property management, and owns advanced R&D and testing equipment, and it had mature and stable product development system and owned more than 30 patents in the LED field including LED tri proof light , LED batten luminaire, emergency lights , linear lighting, emergency bulkhead , emergency down light .

The core team members have been working in LED tri proof lighting industry for average 10+ years, the head of engineering department has more than 20 years experience . lt helps Fanxstar to offer reliable LED tri-proofs products with good service and quality.

In the past 6 years, Fanxstar offer the best quality and price with cutting-edge customized emergency lighting solutions for all clients from all over the world. This strength brings the high reliability for waterproof luminaries products for extreme conditions, such as high humidity, dust and chemical influence.

Fanxstar adheres to corporate values as "customer-orientated"

lt distributes business world widely with exporting to over 90 countries and regions

Fanxstar teams bears in mind that, we will always work positively with our partners and customers to improve and explore more flexible and customized, user-friendly LED weather proof products, to reach win-win business model.

Product Application

LED Tri-Proof Lights: These robust and waterproof lights are ideal for use in demanding environments such as:
Industrial settings (factories, warehouses) Parking garages
Subway stations or tunnels Food processing areas
LED Batten Lights: Versatile and sleek, these lights are suitable for various settings, including:
Offices and commercial spaces Retail stores or supermarkets
Educational institutions (classrooms, corridors) Garages or workshops
LED Downlights: These recessed lights are perfect for creating ambient or focused lighting in:
Residential spaces (living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms) Hospitality settings (hotels, restaurants, lobbies)
Museums or galleries Retail displays or showcases
LED Emergency Lights: Providing safety during power outages, these lights are essential in:
Offices and commercial buildings Hospitals or healthcare facilities
Educational institutions Public spaces (malls, theaters)
LED Emergency Bulkheads: Durable and functional, these lights are suitable for:
Outdoor areas (porches, building exteriors) Corridors and stairwells in buildings
Parking lots or garages Industrial facilities
Exit Signs: Crucial for safety and compliance, these signs are used in:
All public and commercial buildings Schools and universities
Hospitals and healthcare facilities Theaters, hotels, and entertainment venues
LED Emergency Highbay Lights: Designed for high ceilings, these lights are perfect for:
Warehouses and distribution centers Gymnasiums or sports facilities
Manufacturing plants Hangars or large indoor spaces

Our Certificate

1. Excellent quality

Our LED Tri proof lights manufacture has passed the base certificates as CE , RoHS,SAA,C-tick,CB etc .

And our tri proof lights has obtained invention patents.

2.Professional services

We have been doing advanced research in the field of LED Emergency Lights manufacturing. In order to improve the quality and level of service, our personnel completed the QC training, and set up a special inspection department.

3.Powerful technology

We have our own factory, deep plowing the LED industrial lights industry for more than a decade.

Production Equipment

As a special manufactory doing with all kinds of LED tri proof light , LED batten , Emergency LED Lights , FANXSTAR owns varies of profession equipment :

Automated Soldering Stations: Ensuring precise connections for top-quality LED assembly.

High-Speed Pick-and-Place Machines: Handling intricate components swiftly and accurately.

Testing Tools (Spectrophotometers, Colorimeters): Guaranteeing consistent brightness and color.

Chip Mounters and Encapsulation Systems: Leading-edge tech for efficiency and durability.

Energy-Efficient Equipment: Minimizing environmental impact.

Specialized Emergency LED Testing Stations: Ensuring reliability in critical situations.

Versatile Machinery for Customization: Meeting diverse customer needs efficiently.

Skilled Workforce: Expert technicians ensuring optimal performance and maintenance.

This arsenal of advanced equipment and skilled personnel drives our production, enabling us to craft high-quality LED lighting solutions meeting stringent standards.

Production Market

We have large numbers of customers from both domestic market and oversea market.

Our main sales market:
Europe 40.00% Oceania 20.00%
North America 10% South America 5.00%
Southeast Asia 5.00% Mid East 10.00%
Eastern Asia 5.00% 1

Our Service

Beyond our current range of LED lights, we specialize in crafting diverse products tailored to customers' specific designs or samples. Our process begins with detailed communication in the initial stages, ensuring precision in meeting your requirements. Prior to production, we provide a sample for customer approval, guaranteeing satisfaction before proceeding.

Should any quality issues arise, rest assured, we stand behind our products with compensatory measures. Our offerings span from customized weatherproof LED lights to versatile emergency LED solutions, encompassing various drivers and lighting designs.

Our commitment to integrity forms the cornerstone of our business. It's this dedication that propels us forward, continuously enhancing our services and products.

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